3 August 2013

Awas Penipuan Perniagaan!!

Sejarah Pak Li Kopitiam yang diambil dari websitenya:

Nama Pak "Li" Kopitiam ini diambil dari inspirasi yang hidup dibawah nama Lee iaitu:

1."Lee" Kuan Yew dalam sikap pasti boleh dimana ditunjukkan kemajuan Singapura hari ini.

2.Bruce "Lee" kerana kreativiti dan dedikasi beliau dalam menyempurnakan Kung Fu.
(Sejarah Pak Li Kopitiam yang diambil dari websitenya)

Habis kalau dah suka dan inspirasi sangat asal letak nama PAK LI? tukar betul2 lar jadi uncle LEE. lepas tu kalau dah sanjung sangat Lee kuan yew kenapa gi letak muka orang melayu pakai songkok makan? asal tak letak je muka orang cina atau muka lee kuan yew sebagai cara pemasaran? mempermainkan orang melayu Islam betul lah!

Penduduk Shah Alam dan Mahasiswa-mahasiswi UITM harus tahu akan hal ini. kenapa kita bangga makan di kedai yang mempermainkan dan menipu serta mempergunakan bangsa kita?...Klik

Sejarah Pak Li Kopitiam yang diambil dari websitenya:

Our roots go back more than 30 years, beginning with our food service experiences in Klang. Over the years, our signature dishes became very popular among our customers. And with their encouragement and feedback, we ventured into the restaurant business, opening our first Nyonya Kitchen in Oct 1998 in Klang, serving high quality, Halal Nyonya cuisine.

The idea for Pak Li Kopitiam was planted when many of our friends and customers commented that it was difficult to find kopitiams that served good local food at reasonable price in a clean environment. And we agreed. There are many new-style kopitiams opening but many of them didn't really feel or taste authentic enough.

From these feedbacks, we developed our concept with missions that evolved around the creation of a clean, hygienic and cosy place with a muhibbah ambience where people of all races can get together to savour food created from our rich, traditional recipes.

With that concept in mind, we set up Pak Li Kopitiam in Sep 2005, with our first outlet in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

The name Pak Li was chosen as a tribute to all the gracious Pak Cik and Mak Cik who contributed ideas over the years that helped refine our recipes to what they are today, and also due to the facts that Ali and Ah Lee are very common names of Malays and Chinese.

It also happened that the three personalities who were our inspirations at different stages of our lives have surnames Lee (Li).
  • Bruce Lee for his creativity and dedication to perfecting the art of kung fu
  • Lee Kuan Yew, for his vision and can-do attitude in getting Singapore to where it is today
  • Li Ka Shing, for his business acumen in building his empire
We believe that our creativity and dedication to perfecting the art of cooking; our vision and can-do attitude plus our business acumen will be the key ingredients for the success of Pak Li.

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